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DJ NoFace

NEW MUSIC 2018 Phantasm Album!!!


Genres: Christian / Trance / Electronic

Location: Houston, TX

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Hello it's Brandon Michael AKA DJ NoFace..
I'm an inspiring musician.. and you can Listen and say that there was alot of time put into this.. along with my heart..and tears for everyone outside the Church house.. I believe people are gna find some of this music moving.. I actualy dedicated this to my Cousin that passed away in 2007.. Rest In Peace D.R.M .. When ever I get the equipent I need to travel i'll be heading to California first then on tour across the USA..
I started creating this music in 2009 and ever since then I've improved my sound. I honestly dont know what Genre I am because it's a mix of everything I like. I don't do this for myself.. it's for the broken hearted in the streets of America . Where the Church really is..Because from what I read in the bible the whole church got split into half. To me that means Jesus did that for a sign that we should be helping everyone outside the "Religious Buildings" Dont take my words litteraly though.. all i'm saying is that God love everyone outside the building.. you don't have to be in it for Him to Love you.
I'm from that City called Houston.. The land of Candy painted Slabs and Swangas. I grew up in Houston to the age of 7 and moved out for awhile then moved back to my city once more.. I love Houston and how we represent ourselves.. We show that Southern Hospitality! Peace Love Unity & Respect..



2018 Phantasm Album

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