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3rd Man


Genres: Jazz / Experimental / Jam Band

Location: Bloomington, IN

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4 tracks

Members: Peter Kienle, Jack Helsley, Pete Wilhoit

It's a lot of guitar/guitar-synth and drums with upright bass (and tenor sax on a few tracks.)
It swings, rocks and even waltzes but is loud and furious and in places it's totally free.

Peter Kienle - guitar and VG8 guitar synth
Jack Helsley - acoustic bass
Pete Wilhoit - drums
special guest (sometimes): Tom Clark - sax

available from:
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3rd Man, Freed Men

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3rd Man, Freed Men

From the liner notes (by bassist Jack Helsley):

It was inevitable.
What Benny Goodman birthed in 1935, bebop did a serious drive-by on

and so it goes

The end of the millennium found our heroes ....(oh, how shall we say) out of favor with the current regime?
on the run?
who am I kidding,
They were always the underdog

the end of the sci-fi/noir dance crazy left them high and dry
our boys were out sourced.
but I guess it was for he best: assembly line, balliwood, video game lip-sync soundtrack...
they would rather die first
You want the truth?
Well you better hurry up, because the bosses are rewriting history almost as fast as we can crank it out.
This ain't no truth sugar
You know what this is?
Parting snapshot
Yeah, that's it
drunk staggering out of the party with his musical lampshade askew
a crayon drawing, hung with care on the ice box full with cacophony
that middle of the night voice mail that you don't remember leaving

yeah, right...parting snapshot

we are not really sure of everything that went on...but it looked like a hell of a good time.

....they are gone....but they left this hastily scrawled note

Maybe if they can find a mail box out there, they'll send us back a post card...



3rd Man

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