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Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Empire State, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Daniel Dean, Dmitry, Brian Philips


Who doesn't want their very own song? Help spread the word and you might get one!

Here are the details:

Add a 3C song to your MySpace profile and put us in your Top Friends list on Purevolume & MySpace for a 1 week period during this month, and in return we will randomly pick three participants and write each of them a tune! E-mail us via our MySpace site or at contact@3rdculturenation.com to let us know that you are participating.

3RD CULTURE blends the melodic ambitions and lush textures of Britpop with the soul of American Rock n' Roll. The result is a dynamic, youthful, and refreshing pop/rock sound. 3RD CULTURE is a global collision spanning 3 continents, each member bringing a decade's worth of experience performing and recording tracks featured internationally on radio and television. "Sunrise for the Dislocated," the band's debut EP, brings to mind the classics of The Cars and the emotionally poignant sounds of contemporaries like Keane and Remy Zero. 3RD CULTURE radiates the signals of a bright future, in the legacy of U2 and Tom Petty.

"3RD CULTURE may span the globe but at heart they are a true American rock band with Top 40 sensibility and a non-pretentious demeanor. The EP highlights their 80's vibe with a modern edge. Standout tracks include "Radio" and a cover of The Psychedelic Furs' "Heaven". An energizing set likely to please the college crowd and young-at-heart alike. Perfect soundtrack material."
(DOM LECONTE, Sony Networks)

"3RD CULTURE successfully follows the formula institutionalized by U2. The music is raw, the energy is high, and the choruses are anthemic. This is what radio should play - rock with a hook AND a melody. "Heartbreak City" screams "Gossip Girl" and that's a good thing."
(MICHAEL SLEZAK, Entertainment Weekly)

"It's the "Empire Records" soundtrack for today."

"Multi-format hits waiting to happen in Heartbreak City, Radio and Heaven. Great vocals, great production, great sound - what else do you need?"
(RYAN T. FREDERICK, VH-1 International)

"I love the vibe. Lasting rock sound with a timely pull. Tracks that sound as good on record as they do live."

Click HERE to watch a live video of "Heartbreak City"

Click HERE to watch Daniel's rendition of Frank Sinatra's classic, "All The Way"

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  • espman20 said:
    hey guys! my names Evan Madson...my mom knows ur dad (referring to dan) we live in westbrook MN and shes worked for ur dad for 20yrs...she mentioned ur band and i \"googled\" your name and then ur band came up...REALLY like ur sound,not lying..just thought id leave ya somethin,i myself have the dream of makin it in the music world..me and one of my best friends..so any insight u wanna give me ill take:P haha well ill go... p.s: whens the album up for sale?my account is espman20..thanx Oct 19
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    hey, i really like your sound. maybe i could play you in my next podcast. e-mail me a couple mp3\'s, if you are interested. -Kyle Wallace blue216@rogers.com p.s. my music is @ purevolume.com/kylewallace & my podcast link is on there too. Jun 02
  • loveholiclizzy said:
    good!!! May 23
  • cuervi said:
    xxxxxxx Apr 23
  • ♥ eMiLy ♥ said:
    i love the lyrics of your songs. beautiful music Mar 22
  • Blackmage001 said:
    I really like all of your songs and they don\'t sound pretentious :] Keep doing it! Mar 12
  • Write_your_voice said:
    Ahhh...your songs are stuck in my head! I think it is annoying to my friends when a start humming( or trying at least)...I love the songs and their beat. God I sound like such a loser commenting on a band\'s music but OH WELL! At least it\'s to a great band. I love the song \'one promise\'. You guys rock. Jan 08
  • yummie said:
    the begining of the song bird of prey has such an amazing sound...it reminds me of something, but i can\'t put my finger on it. you guys sound awsome! Dec 24
  • Amy Linnea Nic said:
    Your music gave me goosebumps, enough said, rock on! Oct 23
  • flickmap said:
    You guys are pretty good! \"One Promise\" is really good! Oct 21


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