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2 hours till Breakdown

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Genres: Screamo / Hardcore

Location: Amberg, Germany

Stats: 175 fans / 713 plays / 6 plays today






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Deutsch: 2 hours till Breakdown (2htB) ist eine experimentelle Postcore Band aus der Oberpfalz / Bayern. Sie unterscheiden sich von anderen Bands durch ihre Vielfalt, die nicht nur zwischen den Songs, sondern auch in ihnen selbst zu finden ist. So trifft Newmetal auf Funk, Pop-Punk auf Hardcore und Screamo auf Alternative. Ihre erste Demo CD - Therapy to Revival - erscheint im Fruehjahr 2010.

English: 2 hours till Breakdown (2htB) is an experimental postcore band from Bavaria / Germany. They are characterized by their variety which can be found not only between every single song but also within itself. New metal, funk, pop punk, hardcore, screamo and alternative encounter each other. Their first demo CD - Therapy to Revival - will be published at the beginning of the year 2010.


  • Ā«trinakitkatbarĀ« said:
    first off, i have to say i LOVE the album art haha. second off, great music, fun and catchy May 19
  • kbomb001 said:
    Nice sound Jan 26
  • Dawnn said:
    i love that ur from germany! Aug 25
  • .daykoeee.{lawlz} said:
    FUCKING WIN! :D May 17
  • Cheyenne said:
    freaking good :) Apr 27
  • Mark [: said:
    nice Apr 14
  • emohardcorekid said:
    wow amazing is all i got to say keep it up if you ever come t the us let me know ill go see you (houston texas) is where i live Apr 06
  • evil said:
    hardcoreeeee.. :DDDDDDDDDDd Mar 28
  • J4vy said:
    =)... nice.. xD... Mar 18
  • inVINCEible! said:
    I Love It [: Mar 17
  • MIRANDA said:
    i want to make love to this music haha jk omg you guys are awesome:) Mar 16
  • Thalianna said:
    I love you. (: Mar 14
  • AnnaZel said:
    the beggining of the song made me think "HIPPY MUSIC!" lol. but either way i still really like the song :D great job! Mar 14
  • Sierra Suicide! said:
    the one with red and black hair is CUTE and i love the music Mar 13
  • Maryssa said:
    love it! :) Mar 11

Therapy to Revival

Jul 12, 2010


Perth Amboy, NJ

Tiffany Michelle

Gilbert, AZ


Gaithersburg, MD


Edgewood, NM


Manila, Philippines


Browerville, MN

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