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2 Desert Potatoes


Genres: Acoustic / Southern Rock / Country

Location: Alpena, MI

Stats: 66 fans / 35,084 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Randy Hill, Austin Hill

Welcome !

Ya'll can check us out also at:

"Danger" received Garageband.com's track of the day and male vocal of the week in the Folk Rock genre December 25th, 2006! "Danger" is at garageband.com under the group name of "1 To The Third". Of course it is here also...click and listen one time. Each song is unique in style and sound. Stay a while. We really appreciate ya'.

Randy was born in Anchorage, Alaska many years after the last ice-age but was raised in the deep south. He's been married to Tanya Hill forever and has 3 "kids" with her. Casey is a South Carolina (Darlington) boy. The guys met while co-managers of a country western store down in what is becoming Little Branson, i.e., Myrtle Beach, SC.

These "2 Desert Potatoes" have both been playing in front of people and a variety of animals both wild and farm since they were in the single digits. These guys are different, they are cool. They are "2 Desert Potatoes".

There's one thing that everyone should know about Desert Potatoes. In order to be one your roots have to run deeeeeeep !!!

Hey, we've got some good Christian music on here as well. If you don't like Christian music, well then, we're offended. We're Christians. We're proud of it and offer zero apologies for it. Like Hank Williams Jr. says, "... we say grace and we say ma'am, if ya' ain't into that we don't give a ..."

All right, let's get some music playing.

Our Christian band is called "1 To The Third" (right here on PureVolume)
They are consistently in the top spots for "unsigned Christian artists".

Special thanks to Austin and Casey Hill, Randy's brilliant son and daughter for their instrument and sound work as well. They are the best of the best and make a Dad proud.

Visit the Christian group at:




  • leviLightning said:
    beautiful! Dec 17
  • vinicius leon said:
    love your music is great Apr 24
  • vinicius leon said:
    nice very nice Apr 24
  • Nay said:
    son geniales! Nov 07
  • javier carlos said:
    --> hola donde puedo encontrar videos de su musica ?? gracias ... May 31
  • anthonyyo said:
    you guys rock!!!! You are one of my favorite bands..... Sep 17
  • anthonyyo said:
    I totally love your music Aug 27
  • Coolest Dork said:
    A very distinct style you guys have going on here. Your music (particularly \'Danger\') sounds like traditional retro-country and it\'s fantastic. Keep up the good work. Dec 27
  • jennbunnie said:
    You guys sound great, wish more peeps could hear you, they would love it!! Keep up the great work! Dec 10
  • Amy Linnea Nic said:
    You are some cool hippsters, I really like your sound, its like what I heard at little concertcs at the county fair, its like home to the ears, rock on Oct 23
  • raina rules. said:
    hi i think youre cool. Oct 15
  • Gunny Records said:
    Very Nice! Jul 20
  • LilBabyKid said:
    you ttly rock my sox off ure music is funny and surious all at da same time Apr 22

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