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22 Times


Genres: Pop Punk / Emo

Location: Loebau, Germany

Stats: 35 fans / 5,305 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Matthias, Veit, Michael, Lars

22 times Micha had pushed Larss doorbell before he opened and Micha was able to tell him about to start a band. That could be one of many options to explain the bandname. The real meaning will probably never be exposed. Not a secret anymore is the music that these four sympatic dudes are catapulting in the world. Insistant melodies, underlaid by persuasive Punkrock-sounds and interlarded with sometimes weird but also serious lyrics representing the band. To put 22Times in a musical area is difficult. The interim 4 full-length CDs in just 3 years, which they have completely wrote, recorded, arranged and mixed, speak for itself and bring enough stuff for their asskick live performances. Because the stage is their home. It doesnt matter if its big or small little or many crowd these guys give all, always! Not because they have or should to, just because they really enjoy it. And that you can see! So pretty every chance to play a show is used. From a Birthday-Party to Festival Shows. They will rock your asses!


  • Danni Disco said:
    My fav song on the playlist is 4th song!! keep it up!! Apr 26
  • Ravens_daydream said:
    boys! I have to say grosse klasse! realy very cool sound! good job! Mar 06
  • attackat said:
    your not polished, but your still good, i heart germans!!! Sep 24
  • catherine louise said:
    hey guys, im from australia...but im half german. do you want me to re-word your billboard so that it makes sense in english? love love xx Sep 15
  • kjschaefer8 said:
    hey! i used to live in zittau and dresden. your sound is awesome. keep on rocking* Apr 01
  • Brittmate said:
    u guyz have awesome music. keep rockin! Dec 31


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