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1 To The Third


Genres: Christian / Acoustic / Rock

Location: Alpena, MI

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4 tracks

Members: Austin, Randy, Garrett, Casey S. and Casey H.

Dudes! What's up with that name "1 To The Third"?

Many folks cannot understand the concept of the Holy Trinity because 1+1+1=3 .

Ya' gotta get the math right first:

It is not 1+1+1... it is 1X1X1, in other words it's 1(to the third power)=One.

1 To The Third...I like it !

Holy Spirit

These songs are all completely unique from one another. Each song is as different from the next as night is different from the day. Give several of them a click and you'll see what we mean :-)

"Growin' Up Slow", "Lord Have Mercy On Me", "Like A Lamb Like A Man", "People All Around" and "Your Love, You're Love" and "You" are the ones with the most kickin' electric guitars (Casey S. and Austin) and "We're Gonna Make It" is the really nice blending Martin and Gibson acoustic guitars weaving in and out of one another (Austin and Randy on those). "Drive You Home" is really good all the way around (we think). "Jesus Knows The Blues" is brand new and more popular than we thought it would be. Peeps of every flavor are really liking it...young ones, old ones and just-ripe ones.

The tightest harmony vocals we think are on "Jesus Is My Song" ,"Steady As She Goes", Drive You Home", "The Blood On Your Hands" and "Take A Load Off". The newest song is "It's OK"...(really cool acoustics on all of these with well-written lyrics...Austin and Randy on acoustics) Thanks for listening. We love bringing it to you! If you can appreciate expressive lyrics that are unique and thought-provoking, you'll also want to read those to "Like A Lamb..."

If you are wondering why we don't have more non-Christian songs than we do it's just this: Nothing else inspires the writing quite like "Dr. J" does ! It's just that simple. Try Him on. He's one size fits all. There's a great book out about Him right now! It's written in every language....both new and old. It comes for and in every color. His full name is Jesus Christ and He didn't come to this place for Himself. He came here for You and there is no You out there that He overlooked. There is no You out there that He cannot or does not love. You can force folks to do many things but you cannot force anyone to Love. Love is different. Love is unique. Love has no equal. Love has never met it's match. Try this Love !!!

There's another site at http://purevolume.com/2desertpotatoes Most of these songs are there with some really coooool secular ones and funny ones as well. Some country and Rockabilly songs there too. We love'em !!! Whoever said Christians don't have any fun don't know these Christians. Please check out their rockin' new country songs over there. If you don't think you like kickin' country and southern rock, here's the thing...you do :-0

"1 To The Third"


  • katlm13 said:
    hey :) how are you? Apr 22
  • TiffNichols@rocketmail.com said:
    Okay 1st off I love the music 2nd YOU PUT A NOSE ON YOUR SMILEY LIKE I DO!! So I gotta give props for that too. lol :-D Sep 15
  • ndn.numa said:
    Awesome stuff! Aug 06
  • IMPACT Christian Music Festival said:
    hey guys, this is jason dowling with impact christian music festival here in alpena, mi i was wondering if yous guys would be interested in playing at one of our mini concerts this year please contact me @(989)-464-2249. God Bless, Jason Dowling IMPACT Christian Music Festival Music Director Jul 18
  • mlt2012 said:
    sweet lyrics Mar 27
  • killergroove said:
    jesus knows the blues he sure does man, this song is coolest christian song i have ever heard, 1 to the third you guys did a brilliant job keep playing the blues for Jesus man, keep rocking hard mate. Mar 18
  • CalWon said:
    Jesus knows the blues, thats a pretty solid song. Feb 14
  • murrcatt said:
    you guys are sweetastic! no no.. awesometastic! Nov 24
  • Rida Inspi(red) said:
    hhhmmm....how to describe your music..inspirational. yep. it is! ^^ Oct 15
  • Karpenter's Kids said:
    Hey, nice name...keep rocking for God! :) Jun 04
  • yeahhmann324 said:
    i looooooove your name!, and your music (: May 27
  • cdmiller3189 said:
    What\'s up muh brethren. I heard you guys once and fell in love with your music. Awesome stuff, very unique. Thanks for the free downloads this week! It seems God brought me here at the right time! God Bless. Romans 1:20 Mar 20
  • bigwash said:
    whats up man Mar 13
  • John Eugene Stowers Jr said:
    You guys are really smooth! God Bless you and your ministery! Mar 05
  • attackat said:
    isn\'t that the truth, i wish muzak was a little less secular sometimes, way to rock! Sep 24

1 To The Third

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