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1st Quarter


Genres: Progressive / Metal

Location: Other

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Members: Farhan, Maziz, Walid, Fattah, Faiz, Efra

1st Quarter are:

Vocalist: Farhan
Lead Guitarist: Maziz
Rythm Guitarist: Walid
Bassist: Fattah
Drummer: Faiz
Keyboardist: Efra

The band is originally founded from Brunei Darussalam, in a town called Kuala Belait by a fellow person named Maziz back in 2003. There was only 3 members in the band. Fattah, Faiz and Maziz himself. The band founder been through alot of experiences through daily basis of simple gigs and performances with Fattah and his brother, Faiz. As they went on, they gain more and more technical experiences and music influence.

As the band became more mature, they went more serious and decided to try out something more challenging. They decided to try out and experiment their first Progressive Band Influence, Dream Theater. The influence quickly made them face into more challenging music environment and help to venture more into the genre and its background. The band quickly grew and made them become one of the first Brunei band that plays and cover Dream Theater songs. There's not alot of band in the country that actually plays Progressive as people knew that bands that play Progressive styles are all purely based on true musician's senses and technical skills to accomplish it.

In order for the band to cope that progressive style, a keyboardist is needed to help them accompany the band cover they were working on. It was the first keyboardist for the band. Apparently, the keyboardist had to stay only for awhile with the band as she (Aina) had to do her overseas studies, and had to leave the band. Although so, they did cover their first song (Stream of Consciousness) just before. The band continued to carry on without the keyboardist, and went on slight hiatus along the way. Still, the band did continued to join some Battle of the Bands Competitions in the country but never got into first place. During those competitions, the missing members was only a temporary replacement, but never had a temporary keyboardist replacement aswell.

By the year 2006, 1st Quarter went full-swing. The band became active by the mid-06, and found a keyboardist replacement (Efra) and a second guitarist (Walid) for the band. While the keyboardist is only a Grade-1 pianist, the second guitarist is already known with his skills on the guitar on his previous band (Megalith). He was playing together too with Fattah as their bassist, but covering bands based on Goth-Metal and Black. Megalith then broke up, which left Fattah and Walid no choice but to join his fellow friend's Band, which is the 1st Quarter.

The whole 5-piece band then keeps on practicing and always jammed together at Maziz's jamming place. Recently, they also founded their dedicated singer for the band (Farhan) to complete the band formation.

1st Quarter also participated the recent Brunei's Most Famous Band Challenge 2007, but ended up on the 6th place. The band's one and only made-song (Global Warming) won as the Best Song for the competition. But there's a slight dissapointment felt among the members in the band, as it would be the 4th time that the band never got into the first place.

Nevetheless, the band continued not to give up, but to strive even better next time and try to be one of the best bands in the country. Well to see if they're up to it, here they are... still kicking arse!


  • Craig Jonas said:
    You guys play some of the most technical songs i've heard coming out of brunei. Although speaking bluntly, you guys have just a bit more sharpening in your sound to do, it needs a steady direction and this might be a little too forward but you also need a new singer who has more charisma, and has a lot more tone control. But anyways, who am I to say, it's just what I think, there's great potential in you that could surpass every other Bruneian band. Hope to hear more from you soon Jul 30




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