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Genres: Hip Hop / Rock / Club

Location: Uganda

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4 tracks

Members: 1Rail

1Rail (recording artist, song writer, producer, actor,). 1Rail developed love for music in his younger days ,as a 6 year old he was a Michael Jackson fan he started out break dancing as a lil' kid till he got introduced to other genres of music including hiphop,rnb rock, dancehall and many more. 1Rail loved all these genres but he gave more attention to hip-hop/rap music. He used to cram songs of various artists in this genre; he also started writing his own rhymes though he never took rap serious because he was still young. But later when he was in his high school. 1Rail teamed up with long time friend e-psalm with whom they made a duo group called the optimists. They started out writing rhymes and even recorded their very first demo album called nuttin' but da best including tracks like nuttin' but da best ,1Rail and e-psalm , in my room 1Rail and e-psalm Hey gal 1Rail feat e-psalm . 1Rail also recorded a few other singles and solo tracks including how we do, clubbed till deaf, and like that. In his high school vacation 1Rail wrote a number of rhymes, he also had a plan of making his independent record label. In that period he met one of his friends from high school called unda weathers (u.w) he gave 1Rail more courage in making their own record label. 1Rail and u.w laced some tracks using rental studio time. They laced tracks like hypocrite. After getting some simple recording equipment and software 1Rail started his own record label called label face. He started by signing one of the most recognized artists in his home town (stone town) including kaynun, Matthias, u.w. 1Rail and his label made their first record about their home town called stone town 1rail, kaynun , u.w , .Matthias . 1Rail also introduced new artist in his label called hot sos who laced his first track from the label called niwewe (its you) where he featured .mathias. 1rail also other tracks like roll wit me, its over, come on, and many others. 1Rail and label face is working on the digital spit album which includes songs like On lock – 1Rail , star - 1Rail , keep flying; , back of tha club , so sorry . 1Rail is also working