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A Fearless Heart Live

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Added Oct 08, 2009

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  • said:
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  • Frenchgirl said:
    it's Wow like music :) May 02
  • susyrock said:
    1997 will never be the same without Alida Marroni..seriously Apr 29
  • Keenan Unknown said:
    Love 1997, too bad Kevin left the band :/ Jan 03
  • Cirrus said:
    Nice pants! Nov 12
  • papa said:
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  • sharc said:
    this is awesome.. i really wish the guitarist wouldn't move like that though lol Oct 22
  • xzavier said:
    1997 is an amazing band no matter the new singer they always make amazing songs Oct 18
  • BrandonMedal said:
    I love this song. Can't wait to hear the new album. Oct 12
  • deejay said:
    i know you'd like purevolume.com/dorianyates. i know i did. Oct 11