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1833 AD

"My Dark Symphony" available on iTunes worldwide


Genres: Metal

Location: New Delhi, India

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Members: Nishant Abraham Varghese, Rahul Mehalwal, Sushmit Mazumdar, Raghav Sehgal

"My Dark Symphony" available on iTunes worldwide

1833 AD brings forth a fresh approach to Black Metal digressing from the traditional abrasive sound, concocting a mixture of extreme tremolo picking riffs and mellow melodic hooks and solos creating an atmosphere of sorrow and hatred which do justice to the lyrical theme of the band.

With lyrical themes mostly centered on fiction, hatred, destruction and exploitation of the human race, 1833 AD takes a little detour from what people mostly categorize Black Metal lyrics as. Few songs do speak of supremacy of evil in this world but only to imply the ways of men and not by endorsing Satanism, Atheism or even Christianity.

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Band Reviews

"This is a really good band! I like it and some of the chords there are godly!!! Awesome stuff!!!!"
George Kollias - Drummer - Nile

"Digging your sound a lot, especially "Empty Shrine". That ghostly yowl at the end of the breakdown is a fantastic touch. Drums are kicking ass, guitar playing is uber-solid,and the bass in on target."
Jeremy Rosen, Director, Digital Platforms & Web Sites for Roadrunner Records

"These guys know the business. Simple. They know what black metal is all about. In my opinion they are one the few bands who know how to perform live"
Prayag Thakkar - Gypsyontherocks

"It takes just 4 Indians to create black metal."
Itihas Shetty - Absurd History Blog

"With a sound that is inherently brutal, 1833 AD are here to pummel your senses and leave you wanting for more. With a name inspired from a time in world history which was plagued with disasters and sickness, one can be sure that this Black Metal band means business"
Andrew Lu - Rock Street Journal