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16 Second Stare


Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Metal

Location: Lutz, FL, FL

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4 tracks

Members: The Judge & Chris Davis

16 Second Stare Proudly Presents Their Second Album "16 Second Stare"

Louder, Harder, and Heavier Than Their Debut, 16 Second Stare Breaks New Sonic Ground as Drummer Chris Davis Steps Out as the Band's Lead Singer Tearing Things Up With His Potent Vocals

With the aggressive sound of their new self-titled record, 16 Second Stare is ready to take their place in the vanguard of the international metal scene. Fueled by the ferocious vocals of Chris Davis, who stepped out from behind his drum kit to prowl the stage like a madman, and driven by the onslaught of guitarist Angry Tim Shanks, the band has been winning legions of fans with its uncompromising stage show. During the summer of 2009, on the road with Crüefest 2, 16 Second Stare showed what they were made of winning over huge crowds with their radical onslaught. Now they're unleashing an equally radical album.

16 Second Stare took a year to make and, during that time, the band underwent a transformation. "I started singing lead and everything clicked into place,' says singer and drummer Chris Davis. We used to think about radio play, but this time decided to go for the jugular. We're going to get right up in your face and if people like it, that's fine. If not, fuck'em. Shanks agrees. Anyone who's seen us live knows we kick ass, so we decided to kick ass in the studio too. Making Chris the singer was the best move we ever made.

Standout tracks on 16 Second Stare include the current single, Bonnie and Clyde, a heavy stomping rocker, with the grinding guitars of Shanks complimenting the processed vocals Davis lays down over his own brutal backbeat. The shrieking harmonies of Davis and Shanks add another sinister element to the mix. Bonnie and Clyde is already being played on Sirius Satellite's Octane channel, AOL's Extreme Alt Rock station, and is climbing the Media Base Active Rock chart.

With Angry Tim fresh out of rehab, the band will be hitting the road to support the album, bringing along the 16 Second Models, a bevy of beauties in fishnets and high heels that will introduce the band and hang out with the fans. When we're on stage, we rock our asses off, Angry Tim growls. If you're not having fun at a 16 Second Stare show, there's something seriously wrong with you.


  • metallicagirl69 said:
    "Bonnie and Clyde" is the BEST song---SIC!!!! Feb 18
  • Valerie said:
    I have an AUTOGRAPHED photo card of 16 Second Stare by Angry Tim!!! I am sadly going to let it go for around $50...So if anybody is interested email me at phsgirl2006@yahoo.com You guys rock! Nov 17
  • Al Koehn said:
    Hey 16 Second Stare, I enjoyed listening to your tracks. Good stuff. When you get a chance, check out my website at It will be well worth the click. AlKoehn Feb 09
  • Stacy said:
    Hey Tim just checked the band out and love it!!!!!! You guy's are awesome. Hope to see you guy's down south sometime live. Kissesssss keep up the good work. Stacy Jul 28
  • sodapolis said:
    I cannot believe a band with your music ability is not blown up yetm i serouisly can't believe how good you guys sound Jul 01
  • liberty260 said:
    you guys rock all freaking socks i love the sound cant wait for you cd to come out so i can worship it Nov 28
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  • Look Mom Im Flying said:
    You have jesus powers...Seriously, I love it. Feb 06
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