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Genres: Punk / Pop Punk

Location: Potsdam, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Luke (drums), Nate (drums), Sam (guitar, vocals), Ryan (bass), Nate (bass), Nate (bass), Pat (Carl).

All 16 tracks are on the Battle of Hastings album.
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1066 existed in a horribly small upstate New York village called Potsdam. It began as TunaFish Waters in the Spring of 2003 when bassist Nate Turner and drummer Nate Barlow got together with legendary singer/songwriter Sam Kitchen. By the Autumn of 2005, Nate Turner had moved on to do some frivolous activities. Nate Barlow had moved up from drummer to bassist, and the band was joined by legendary drummer Luke Dosiek. It was at this point that the band had become 1066. 1066 began playing shows and experiencing minor fame. But this fame was short lived when bassist Nate Barlow became addicted to a drug, and was forced to quit the band. It was then in the beginnings of 2006 that the duo could once again become a trio, when they were joined the by the famously ambidextrous, and long time friend, Ryan Huddy. This is when the band really took off. They even managed to cut a 17 track album in an unprecedented 8 hours. The debut album Battle Of Hastings is so exclusive it's not available in any stores. And for about one, maybe even one and a half full months, 1066 was on top. Unfortunately, by the end of the beginning of the second quarter of 2006; the members were forced to move to separate ends of the continent, and 1066 was no more.......... coming up after the break, A final farewell show featuring the presence of an old friend. (the original bassist: Nate Turner)

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1066 seriously fun punk rock dedicated to the adolescents of boredom. They are the voice of a generation lost in the shadow of an older generation bent on self glorification thus causing a state of arrested development among today's young adults. They speak of the difficulties we all face in everyday life such as getting out of bed in the morning or having to get up to take a leak or having to move your lungs to breathe. As such, extensive listening to 1066 can cause you to have an excellent time and may inspire you to take a stand against anything that pisses you off.


  • guitar_nerd said:
    u guys r dootch bags for deletig ur old songs Dec 23
  • avalanche said:
    can you guys put up some old stuff?!?!! pleassee Jul 11
  • avalanche said:
    whyd you guys delete your old songs????? you just made me scream FUCKERS in english class... mad lame.. you should put them back up?? pleaase..aaaah. May 09
  • avalanche said:
    whyd you guys delete your old songs????? you just made me scream FUCKERS in english class... mad lame.. you should put them back up?? pleaase..aaaah. May 09
    i love your sound!!! ALOT Apr 04
  • BlackberryKisses said:
    Wlatzing Matilda Waltzing Matildaaaaaah!!!! Mar 27
  • BlackberryKisses said:
    Wlatzing Matilda Waltzing Matildaaaaaah!!!! Mar 27
  • xXMistress_NicoleXx said:
    you guys are amazing.. Mar 23
  • asdasd said:
    tu foto da risa!!,...jhajaja Mar 21
  • xXMistress_NicoleXx said:
    hey! i saw your band on a friend of mine\'s band page...and i must say..you guys are fucking kickass. by the way, i\'m nicole...and i must say..i am extremely pleased with your music! Mar 15
  • scenehxcddgsxe_kid said:
    hey kids. so umm...i was listening to waltzing matilda because that use to be my most favorite song when i was a child and i came to realize that the singing sucks. i mean that in a good way. i mean i really love the music and shit. i love you kids. kihavetotakethehappypillnowbye. Feb 05
  • avalanche said:
    did you guys hear about the adult swim thing where they put a bunch of \"suspicious packages\" around boston and from abovee lit up it was a mooninite? it was to advertise ATHF i thought it was awesome. and thought u guys would know about it. Feb 01
  • jerkfaceloserduh said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 20
  • mk_fldmn said:
    where have u played yet Jan 15
  • wolfmother1762 said:
    love your stuff one of my fav\'s keep the good stuff coming !!!! = ) Nov 20

Battle of Hastings

May 15, 2006

Sexy Killer Compilation

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