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Genres: Rock / Surf Rock / Progressive

Location: New York, NY

Stats: 422 fans / 48,154 plays / 26 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Krishna, Amarnath, Mitchell, Adam, Matt


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"The first time I saw Krish and Armi play, I knew they were great musicians, now as JUGGERNAUT they have exceeded my expectations, maturing enormously in themselves and their musical abilities. Their live show is simply not to be missed".....
Tim Farris - INXS

"This is a truly satisfying album.... with buzz-saw riffs lashing around like cut snakes and guitar solo gymnastics not seen from a local band since the days of Angus Young"..... Kelsey Munro, SMH Metro and Rolling Stone

"Better than everyone showcases five songs of raw rock content and moments of acoustic bliss for the ears. Catch a live show and see what all the fuss is about..... The Jones Brothers are two of the most talented musicians in the country"...
Zoltan Zavos - Revolver Magazine

Live Review
With lights blaring and smoke machine doing overtime Juggernaut leapt into their set with the heavy riff "Burn", the Jones brothers, Krishna, with soaring vocals and lead guitarist Amarnath, getting things cranking on top of a hard driving bass and drum platform.

Swinging into their next song, the very hooky and perfectly radio groomed "Falling Down" what immediately impresses is this bands strong full sound and almost limitless potential. OK, so they sound like a funked up Soundgarden cum Ben harper and Krishna's voice could easily be a vocal doppleganger in range and scope for Chris Cornell, but they do add a distinct Punk element to their songs.

Mainstream radio could do far worse than to stick most of their songs on the rotation list.

After a quick tuning change the band rocked through a few more songs moving between straight ahead grunge grooves to funky riff-laden guitar sliding blues tunes before the brothers lighten the load, sitting down for a little acoustic jam. The affectionate clean picking sounds of "Unknown Blue" starts soulfully and booms to a rollicking crescendo as the bass player and drummer rejoin the brothers for a few more acoustic-based ditties.

While the acoustic break is enjoyable Juggernaut's seductive just begins to ebb as the crowd banter rises to a rabble but the four-piece revive the vibe with some more rock based blues hardened tracks to finish the set.

Much to the delight of the appreciative crowd the four piece come back on for two more songs. A chunky fast paced number before finishing off with the earthy, jump in your kombi and head up the coast surfing track, "Million Miles From Home", which was still echoing in my head as I started up my trusty vehicle to go home.

JUGGERNAUT features Krishna and Amarnath Jones textured melodic vocals and rock driven guitars with a pumping rhythm section. JUGGERNAUT also have the ability to strip it back and perform hauntingly beautiful acoustics and ballads.

JUGGERNAUT's musical origins date back to their previous band JUICE where they earned Australia wide recognition and were nominated for an ARIA before touring with Radiohead, Silverchair, The Tea Party and INXS.
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  • Dlow83 said:
    right on brothers. some truly genuine music amongst the posers. HIGH FIVE Jan 18
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hey There, Check out the Official Supernova Indie Music Podcast hosted by Me! WWW.SUPERNOVA.COM/KYLEWALLACE Jul 01
  • music.love123 said:
    your music is awesome is there a way i could get u on my ipod? Jun 12
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    hey, i really like your sound. maybe i could play you in my next podcast. e-mail me a couple mp3\'s, if you are interested. -Kyle Wallace blue216@rogers.com p.s. my music is @ purevolume.com/kylewallace & my podcast link is on there too. Jun 02
  • ARCtrooper225 said:
    You guys rock, especially bubbleman and white castle Mar 18
  • said:
    Bubbleman is cool, and everything else Rocks, You all got to keep this good job up :) PS: Addiction is very cool... heh Feb 16
  • Management said:
    Excellent sound! Jan 09
  • Scubasteve said:
    Nice toons. I agree similar too Soundgarden. A good mix of modern sound with an old school flare. If you guys ever come to nc I gotta check it. P. Dec 28
  • Id88 said:
    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good stuff keep it up Oct 25
  • baboe_weirdo said:
    hi guys, you\'ve got verry good music so keep up the good work ^^ Oct 20
  • kelly123123 said:
    make some downloadable i cant ur songs on disc here in burlington ontario Sep 06
  • GimpyArtist said:
    You guys are pretty badass; I have a feeling this website doesn\'t give enough respect to what the show would be like. I hope. Does anyone know how to put songs onto their itunes or ipod from here? I\'m new to this. Aug 15
  • rollingkansas said:
    sounds like soundgarden-all the songs are very good Jul 31
  • Running_with_scissors said:
    Wow you guys are awesome and I love the name of your band!! Jul 26
  • Parry Peavy said:
    You Rock! I Jul 16


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