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1000 Tragic Words


Genres: Screamo / Metal / Hardcore

Location: United Kingdom

Stats: 149 fans / 10,122 plays / 19 plays today





4 tracks

Danny Jones - Guitar and Vocals
Liam Lacey - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Troy Hoggart - Bass
Ali Lacey - Drums

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1000 tragic words use a blend of genres like the energetic sound of metal/thrash combined with punk/rock to create a unique yet familiar sound. The band is made up of a group of passionate musicians, each with their own music styles and inspirations. The fresh and exiting performers of the band enjoy putting on the best show they can, using pure energy to grip their audience. Influence of their older member has a huge impact as his experience and talent encourage the other in the band to put in everything they have. The bands music has been heard by many thanks to a number of free promotional sites with 1000 tragic words music featured on them. The band has so far recorded all songs using a home studio set up and done all their own promoting. The music of 1000 tragic words has already been passed by word of mouth and internet, to all parts of the country have even developed fans in parts of the USA and Australia.

When Memories Aren't Enough... [EP] (2006)

1. In my eyes
2. Time to go (and wait for me)
3. Coming Down
4. Vampires (take my life)
5. Fate Conspiring
6. Moving

Available to buy now as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!*


Unsolved by Sherlock Holmes [EP] (2007)

1. Hide and seek
2. Dressed in black
3. The deadened alive
4. Unsolved by Sherlock Holmes

Available to buy now as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!*


*PLEASE NOTE: both EPs are digital downloads ONLY. They will be payed for through Paypal (which is safe and secure) and after the payment has been recieved, you will be guided to a website where you can download the music from. Contact liamlacey@hotmail.com if you have any questions or problems.


  • RainXbow said:
    in my eyes is the best ... but they are all awesome :D XD Jul 24
  • RainXbow said:
    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] Jul 23
  • said:
    you guys rock to bad you dont live in my country lol with fangs; Jun 15
  • said:
    you guys rock out loud i literally listen to you everyday.... i love u Jun 11
  • said:
    hey thanks for adding me guys you guys are truely awesome and cute... lol Jun 07
  • said:
    only if you guys had lyrics up then i would know the screamo parts come on please and you guys rock like really theres no question about it ......only if you lived in indy then you could to the emerson and i would be there to watch you guys bang your heads off! Jun 07
  • JJjjJJ12 said:
    You guys are my favorite band. I need you to contact me please message me back. Where else can i get your music May 04
  • said:
    pretty freakin\' amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! =P Apr 09
  • tombunch92 said:
    hey you guys are awesom!!! i used to live in wales for like 12 years b4 i moved to th US, anyways, when u guys are famous (which wont be long, i can tell :)) u should come to chicago, that would be freakin SWEET!!!! Mar 30
  • Panda♥ said:
    Very kik ass music fuckn luv it, very sexy band members fuckn luv that too lol Mar 15
  • ~its so very tempting~ said:
    Hey you guys r really ahey u guys r really awsome. much love ^_~wsme...much love!^_^ Jan 06
  • ~its so very tempting~ said:
    Hey you guys r really ahey u guys r really awsome. much love ^_~wsme...much love!^_^ Jan 06
  • sweetchildofmine said:
    hey i dont no if u will get this but my band dead by dawn mit come up there to midwells to see u guys Jan 03
  • gentu said:
    NICE. I like your music : ) Nov 10
  • Glasscatch said:
    someone told me to listen to you guys, your pretty good, get into a studio and you will sound absolutely amazingful Oct 25


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