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Genres: Hardcore / Screamo / Metal

Location: Recklinghausen, Germany

Stats: 76 fans / 3,075 plays / 14 plays today






Members: Nils-6string/ Mario-6string and backing vocals/ Micha-drums/ Florian-vocals/ Jan-4string

anewhope guerndeten sich im Juli 2005.
Von Anfang an stimmte die Chemie innerhalb der Band,
was den 5 Bandmitgliedern erlaubte sich rasant musikalisch zu entfalten.
Ihre Musik steht fuer ein ideenreiches Songwriting,
viel Leidenschaft und unermdliches Engagement.

anewhope kreieren ihre eigene wuerzige Mischung aus den Zutaten Metal,
Screamo und Hardcore. Hier treffen agressive screamvocals auf melodisch
clean gesungene Passagen und ergeben einen emotional/explosiven Kontrast.
Die Band arbeitet kontinuierlich an neuem Songmaterial.

Seit Anfang des Jahres 2006 teilten sich die 5 Jungs die Buehnen mit Bands wie:
Amulet, Scars of tomorrow, Hand to Hand, Traktor und The Heartbreak Motel.

Im Dezember 2005 erschien ihre erste EP pretended apologies, welche vier Songs
fasst. Fuer Ende 2006 ist das erste full length Album geplant.

Florian Hagemeier - voice
Michael Krafzik - drums
Jan von Nahmen - bass
Nils Eichmann - guitar
Mario Simon - guitar


Formed in July of 2005, Anewhope fast developed a natural chemistry, allowing them to constantly evolve as musicians, aiming beyond the ideaful, straight-forward songwriting that plagues a lot of bands in their genre. Anewhope is trying to create their own mixture of Hardcore, Metal and Screamo. The emotional screamed, partly aggressive and melodic clean vocals create an intersting contrast that suprises the listener more than once. The band is notoriously hard working, and is constantly creating new music. At the end of 2005 they recorded their first 4 Track EP "Pretended Apologies" For 2006 Anewhope is ready to hit every stage theyre abled to.

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    awesome...i like your songs.it\'s good Jul 02
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    Damn awesome music!!! Jun 23
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    Gott segnet!! Mar 30
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    awesome you are more than welcome in the U.S Mar 29
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    thx for all who has add anewhope in favorite list...... :D Mar 28
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    come to the U.S. fosho ppl Mar 17


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